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I got a few messages asking if I was still alive because I havent posted any artwork in quite some time or responded. I assure you I am still breathing. Between work, school, and my novel my time is being sucked left and right. Not to mention I am still quite sick. However I shall be posting very soon a Beastboy and Raven piece inspired by one of my friends on Devientart by the name of Jay. And then I will promptly begin on the next requests. Please give me ample time with your requests as school is really exhausting any motivation I have left. Thanks for all the support <3

Its been a while since I posted. Been so busy with finding jobs, remodeling, and a number of things.  And so I’ve been slowly finishing this pic up. Its not perfect the lines are all over the places and colors are places there not supposed to be…but overall Im kinda happy the way it came out.

Hope you like it,tell me what to you think of the Titans camping out! :) Enjoy the summer.

Edit: Someone sent me a msg asking about this pic they were confused with Ravens reaction. In my head Raven was reading and BB was singing and their eyes met and she quickly turned away dropping her book. Kinda one of those heart stopping moments.  

Back from hiatus

Wow! I never thought I’d reach 100 followers, I am officially at 102!!! It was such a nice surprise. I really appreciate each and everyone of you. I’m sorry I been on hiatus, I’ve been really sick but I am happy to say I am no longer bedridden and going to start up my drawing again. :) Thank you for your continued support! 

My second piece of digital art, I feel like I’m kinda getting the hang of it. I was rewatching the Titans and I always thought it was kinda weird in a scene BB was waiting outside of the bathroom door, I mean is there seriously only 1 bathroom in the whole Titan tower? And so I came to the conclusion it could put the guys and girls in some awkward situations. 

So here it is~ late night Raven and Starfire. Starfire finished her shower and Ravens heading in next, Robin had to go to bathroom and came across the scene, and then of course BB followed after. Anyway you can have your own twist to the story!

Just watched the movie God is not dead!

So I finally got around to watching the movie God is not dead, and I really enjoyed it. One of the reasons I really enjoyed it was because during the movie the main character said something along the lines of that the students didn’t have to believe in God but they didn’t not have to believe in God. They were entitled to their own opinion, and I think that’s just so important. Everyone should have the right to their own opinion. As a Catholic sometimes I feel that we have to be quiet because we don’t want to offend anyone. During some of my classes some professors just openly put down Christians and they expect us to just take the abuse. I don’t feel its right for anyone to mock anyone s beliefs. and I’m sure that’s also how atheists feel, when certain Christians disrespect them because they dont believe in God. Its tough to be on both sides of the fence, but I just wish everyone could show love to eachother, and I think its sad when Christians miss the point of God by showing hate to those who are different. So I think its nice if people can just respect people opinions. I feel really refreshed with God and I am just so grateful for that. I feel aside from all the other valuable lessons in movie,  something both Christians and Atheists can agree upon is no one should be shoving their beliefs upon someone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

So with that being said God is not dead to me, and I am so grateful to have him in my life because he continues to sprinkle miracles both big and small in my life and I hope you can all respect that!

My first request was a Starfire and Robin movie night. I drew them as older Titans in a little bit of a different style. I hope you like it! Its one of my first times drawing fully digital. I still suck at coloring and always manage to mess it up. It was a struggle for me!!  Also a thank you to all my new followers I’m almost at 90! I cant believe it!

I have one request spot open so feel to message me with it! :)

Not what I usually draw but I’ve recently been pretty much bedridden and started re-watching Boy Meets World. It reminded me of how beautiful Cory and Topangas relationship is. So thought I’d do something a little different.

 ”You do your thing and I do my thing. You are you and I am I. And, if, in the end, we end up together, it’s beautiful.”-Topanga 

So finals week….I had a mental break down last health is relapsing again.I was miserable and so I decided to do something to cheer myself up. I drew a BBRAE final week picture. I drew them as normal people. Let me know if you want me to color a different one with BB as green and Raven more grey w/ her chakra stone.

Anyway so heres a picture of Raven tutoring BB. He thought it would help if he wore nerd glasses but by the look on his face he still looks confused. :) Hope you guys like it.

Last day of 3 of my classes so decided to celebrate with drawing something quick. Little dissapointed with the coloring and the picture overall. I can quite figure out what I did wrong..For some reason I always ruin the sketch when I color it in. Anyway just drew how I was feeling. Now wheres my Beastboy to comfort me!? Haha hope you like it, this week I will deff post higher quality work.

Hey guys! Finals and all these presentations are killing me :/ especially the presentations considering I’m socially awkward. Anyway I promised myself to have an hour of me time this weekend and I managed to draw this. I had been picturing this for awhile,it didn’t come out exactly how I planned but given I’m short on time I went with it.

Anyway feel free to have your own spin on what happened here. Hope you all like it! I also wanted to thank all the new followers I’ve gotten!!

I thought being on springbreak would give me time to do some art but boy was I wrong. Anywhere while I doing work I managed to doodle a little something. Raven~ her clothes were switched out by Starfire who had been plotting with Beastboy. :) She didnt come out looking all that irritated but I liked it anyway. I will try my best to draw the next scene later with Beastboy and Raven on their date with the swapped wardrobe.

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