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Lord of the Rings needs your vote!

Normally I dont take part in these kinds of thing but a movie Dredd has beaten The Godfather, Shawshank, and so many other classics and its getting ridiculous, God knows what kind of spamming they are doing. Lord of the Rings surly cant lose to it, so please go in and vote for the Lord of the Rings! Middle earth  needs you, cast Dredd into the flames!!

I thought being on springbreak would give me time to do some art but boy was I wrong. Anywhere while I doing work I managed to doodle a little something. Raven~ her clothes were switched out by Starfire who had been plotting with Beastboy. :) She didnt come out looking all that irritated but I liked it anyway. I will try my best to draw the next scene later with Beastboy and Raven on their date with the swapped wardrobe.

This is dedicated to Felerial. He requested some kind of family portrait. I really hope you like it Felerial!!

I was going to do the actually family portrait but then I thought about it, Raven would probably have hell on earth trying to dress everyone up including BB. And so here it is Raven asked him to get the kids ready and low and behold hes playing video games looking like a hot mess while their lovely daughter is on a sugar rush. The childrens name for those curious I decided would be Lorelai Logan for the girl, Darcy Logan for the boy, and Kamari Logan for the baby.

I will though next draw an actual family portrait but I feel this would just be a nice start to it!
By:Leslie M
The lovely Teen Titan girls getting a picture snapped! 

Inspired by a picture of me and my one of my best friends while I was in Seoul, South Korea. Were exactly like Raven I’m the colder girl with my nose stuck in a book and shes the sweetest warmest person ever like Starfire. Shes feeling down so I decided to draw it.

This ones for you Yejin! If anyone wants to see the pic it was inspired by feel free to msg me.
Anyway Let me know what you think!

I drew this in my law class and then much to my surprise when I got home my sister  bought me a stylus. So I had to try it out.

Just BB and Raven meeting for the first time in college. Basically BB is turning around to talk to his best friend Victor and notices Raven from the corner of his eye. I didnt want to make them normal because I just love their skin and hair colors too much.

 Hope you guys like it. :)

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